Box World Adventures: Building Crafty Cardboard Projects by Suzy Ultman

$ 19.95

Get ready to embark on an imaginative adventure and create new worlds. Forget passports; all you need for this journey is an old carton or box, scissors, glue, stickers, and a playful, curious mind. Box World Adventures offers endless hours of fun and features 15 projects, 30 patterned papers, and 4 sheets of decorative stickers.

Transform a cereal box into a British double-decker bus. Or turn an ordinary milk carton into a colorful Chinese pagoda, complete with hand-strung lanterns and detailed architectural borders. After creating a few projects in Box World Adventures, you'll see how reusing ordinary objects can make an important difference to the environment—while simultaneously learning about different cultures and locations around the world. Paperback, 70 pages.



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