Out of the Box: 25 Cardboard Engineering Projects for Makers by Jemma Westing

$ 19.99

If you want to become a cardboard artist, then there is no need to invest in specialized tools and equipment. In Out of the Box, Jemma Westing shows how most of the materials you'll need for fun cardboard art can be found in your desk drawer, and she models different ways of cutting, shaping, and connecting cardboard.

The projects in Out of the Box become increasingly challenging as the book progresses, and by the end, you'll know how to build and decorate more than 25 amazing art projects. Create a huge board full of brightly colored monsters with wide-open mouths and sharp teeth. How many hungry monsters can you feed in a minute? Or transform a pedestrian cardboard box into a magnificent pirate ship, complete with tall masts and billowing sails. Hardback, 144 pages.



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