Earth Interactive 3-D Model 120mm

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      This ultra-detailed, interactive, 3D model of the Earth, built to 0.006 millimeters per pixel precision, is based on real-time, accurate data. Through exhaustive prototyping and experimentation, the polyresin density, 3D printing, and paint pigment ratios have also been refined to ensure that the surface is so accurate and visible as if you were witnessing it with a naked eye. 

      Use the AstroReality companion smartphone app, which uses our phone's camera and an internet connection to show you comprehensive information about the Earth. It's the first-ever augmented reality-enabled globe that lets you see our planet's changes across history. Learn about the creatures that have roamed Earth, discover the flowering plants, conifers, ferns, hornworts, mosses, and other species of the plant kingdom, and where they grow and thrive across Earth. Take a deeper look at how our Earth is structured, earthquake records, and how quakes can assist geological research. 

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