Exploring Kitchen Science: 30+ Edible Experiments and Kitchen Activities by the Exploratorium

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      Did you know that your kitchen is a secret laboratory where tons of crazy-cool science goes down every day? Or that your fridge is jam-packed with chemistry materials? Join the world-famous Exploratorium for 30+ delicious discoveries, including the science of food, cooking, baking, nutrition, and taste.

      The Exploratorium’s Exploring Kitchen Science is your hands-on guide to exploring all the tasty chemistry that goes on all around you. From burning a peanut to understand how calories work to making blinking rock candies with LEDs inside, from cooking up oobleck as a wild and wacky lesson in a matter of making ice cream with dry ice!

      Whip up tasty treats while you explore all the unexpected science that’s going on inside your very own kitchen. Cook, mix and microwave your way through Exploring Kitchen Science and learn some cool stuff along the way.

      For explorers ages 8–12

      Hardcover, 112 pages. 

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