Gemstones of the World: Revised 5th Edition by Walter Schumann

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      Containing all the gemstones ever discovered—now over 1,900—are showcased in various varieties, from precious to semiprecious in both its rough natural state and polished and cut renditions.

      Full treatments of lesser-known gems, from andalusite to vesuvian, and a special section devoted to rocks as precious stones, including alabaster, onyx, obsidian, and fossils. Organic gem materials, such as coral, ivory, amber, and pearl, are also covered along with new-on-the-market stones like charcoite. Additionally, this all-inclusive volume includes imitations, synthetics, and combined stones. Charts and tables help you identify unknown gemstones and—when you're in the market—how to check for genuineness.

      Hardback, 320 pages.

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