How to Hear the Universe by Patricia Valdez

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      Discover new realms of outer space in this picture book biography of scientist Gabriela González who immigrated to America and became a ground-breaking scientist. Written by a molecular biologist and illustrated by an award-winning artist, this stunning picture book explores science, space, and history.

      In 1916, Albert Einstein had a theory. He thought that somewhere out in the universe, there were collisions in space. These collisions could cause little sound waves in the fabric of space-time that might carry many secrets of the distant universe. But it was only a theory. He could not prove it in his lifetime.

      Many years later, an immigrant scientist named Gabriela González asked the same questions. Armed with modern technology, she joined a team of physicists who set out to prove Einstein's theory. Gabriela and her team examined, measured, and re-measured until they were sure. At first, there was nothing. But then… they heard a sound.

      Completing the work that Albert Einstein had begun 100 years earlier, González broke ground for new space-time research.

      Patricia Valdez sheds light on a little-known but extraordinary story in a fascinating picture book that covers 100 years, two pioneering scientists, and one trailblazing discovery.

      Recommended for ages 4+
      Hardcover: 40 pages

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