The Genius of Birds by Jennifer Ackerman

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      Never refer to our avian friends as bird-brained. In The Genius of Birds, award-winning science writer Jennifer Ackerman voyages into the brains of birds and reveals a species that rivals primates, and even humans, in its remarkable forms of intelligence.

      Consider one kind of bird that hides up to 33,000 seeds scattered across dozens of square miles and remembers where it put them months later. Or what about a different type of bird that can solve a classic puzzle at nearly the same pace as a five-year-old child? And let’s not forget the bird that’s an expert at picking locks.

      Ackerman embarks on a quest to understand the different sorts of genius that have made birds so successful—and how that came about. The Genius of Birds is a journey that ventures as far as Barbados and Borneo and as near as Ackerman’s own backyard. Simultaneously personal and scientific, Ackerman’s richly informative book is anything but for the birds.

      Paperback, 340 pages.

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