LUNAR Mini Interactive Model 30mm

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      The Moon has captivated the human imagination throughout history. Though it is ever-present, there is so little we know. LUNAR Mini brings the Moon closer and all of our stargazing dreams into reality. The AstroReality LUNAR Model is not only a scientific marvel and stunning piece of craftsmanship, but it's also an almost infinite source of knowledge and fun. Every crater, sea, and dead volcano on LUNAR Mini is expertly crafted despite its size. It has a diameter of 30 millimeters and allows you to explore the Moon with your fingertips at a scale of 1:116,020,845. Your fingers can feel the replicated bumps, craters, and landscape.

      From comprehensive information about the Moon's most iconic landmarks and missions to little-known trivia, LUNAR's Augmented Reality app weaves together a unique way to experience the Moon in your hands and through your smartphone. The app displays a virtual space scene integrating the sun and the Earth in relative spatial position from where you placed LUNAR Mini and shows the galaxy as the background.

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