Toy Take Apart Starter Pack

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      More than just fulfilling a childhood fantasy, the act of cutting into a mechanical toy, carefully exposing its working mechanisms, and repurposing it in playful and inventive ways is a tinkering rite of passage.

      The basic tools you need to get started are included in this Starter Pack: gloves, safety glasses, an X-ACTO knife, and a screwdriver. Bring your own toy! Remove the toy’s mechanical movements, circuit boards, sound chips, lights, and wires, then reassemble those innards into a wildly creative new invention—like a car with headlights that moo or a stuffed cow that lights up. 

      Get more information about this activity by visiting our tinkering studio's guide:

      This is just a Starter Pack.

      We provided the basic components for dissecting a toy. You’ll need to find a toy to take apart. Try a thrift store or dollar store for inexpensive toys. Lots of stores also offer seasonal toys at deep discounts the day after major holidays like Christmas, Halloween, or Valentine’s Day. You may even be inspired to transform that taken-apart toy into a new circuit-board block!

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