WildCard Exhibition June 17–September 4, 2017

After an excursion through WildCard, the Exploratorium's summer exhibition, you'll see old cardboard boxes as sources of creative potential instead of mundane objects. To foster your burgeoning cardboard artistry, we’ve gathered a diverse collection of WildCard-inspired books and products just for you.

Assemble colorful beetles made from recycled cardboard and study the insects as an explorer, scientist, or artist. If you're interested in how cardboard is influencing a new genre of eco-conscious artists, then check out Lori Zimmer's The Art of Cardboard. Using stunning full-color photos, The Art of Cardboard explores a range of techniques and showcases extraordinary work by some of the most imaginative artists working with the cardboard medium.

Wanting to get hands-on and create your own sculptural pieces? Look no further than the products by Cardboard Safari, including a deer's head with a map of San Francisco covering the deer's face or a small-size cardboard bear head that melds simplicity with sophistication. Made completely from recycled cardboard, Cardboard Safari's products strive to keep cardboard out of landfills and animals in the wild where they belong. All of these products, and more, are available below. Welcome to WildCard is brought to you by the Exploratorium and the Cardboard Institute of Technology.