7 Wonders

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      "Definitely a favorite in our game collection at home. 7 Wonders is perfect for strategy game lovers and history buffs alike. As the name implies, you choose one of the original seven wonders to build during the game. There are two sides to the "wonder boards" so you can choose the level of difficulty for the gameplay. The game is played in multiple rounds and I found the resources and battle cards give it a similar feel to some of my favorite civilization-building video games. What I enjoy most about 7 Wonders is the concentration required and the need to adapt your strategy as you play. 7 Wonders is a game my family loves to play again and again." - Stephanie.

      The game of 7 Wonders is a strategy game that is divided into three ages. These ages are played similarly; each player can play six cards to develop their city and build their wonder. Players draw from a hand of cards passed around the table, each player drawing in turn. Players draft cards over multiple rounds, carefully building toward long term goals. Build your cities and erect architectural wonders that will last through the ages. 

      Quick gameplay keeps players engaged, regardless of player count.

      7 Wonder recommended for ages 13+, and 3-7 players.

      30-minute gameplay.

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