Acids, Bases and Ph: Cabbage Chemistry

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      Did you know that red cabbage is a natural acid-base indicator? This fun chemistry kit comes with test tubes of concentrated red cabbage powder and all the supplies for dozens and dozens of color-changing experiments! Use cabbage chemistry to:

      • Make your own pH paper
      • Discover the pH of everyday liquids
      • Neutralize acids and bases

      The detailed lab notebook outlines 19+  exciting chemistry experiments, with plenty of ideas for girls to design their own experiments.

      What's in the box?

      • 28-page lab notebook
      • safety goggles
      • 2 test tubes
      • concentrated red cabbage powder indicator
      • 7 small measuring cups
      • 6-well palette
      • dropper pipette
      • 5 filter papers
      • 5 toothpicks
      • THINK LIKE A GIRL pencil
      • collectible pH science pin

      Acids, Bases, and PH Kit recommended for ages 8-12.

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