Animal Architecture by Ingo Arndt and Jürgen Tautz

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      In Animal Architecture, nature photographer Ingo Arndt travels all over the world to capture images of designs constructed by various animals. Arndt complements his designs, which are taken from the wild, with detailed studio photography. His work reveals the complexity of craft and the mysterious beauty our animal friends create.

      Arndt photographs numerous examples of birds' nests, many of which resemble intricate sculptures. There's also a section on various types of termite towers, and these chimney-like structures can reach more than 20 feet—and accommodate two to three million termites. Mammalian architecture is represented by beaver lodges, which offer the animals protection against enemies, cold, and heat. Arndt's photographs also highlight the multitude of colors in coral reefs, the largest structures created by living beings.

      Animal Architecture explores a fascinating aesthetic and vividly displays a captivating, often unexplored, world. It also shows elegant shapes as stunning as any architecture humans have built. 

      Hardcover, 160 pages.

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