CHEM C2000

$ 144.00

Discover how fascinating the world is when you understand the remarkable reactions behind ordinary occurrences.

Experiment with filtering and separating mixtures, combustion, and electrochemical reaction. Learn how to work with indicators and stronger
acids and base.

Explore elements and compounds, including the chemical and physical
properties of water, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. Discover atoms and molecules. Inspect soaps and household cleaners. 

Experiment with various foods from the kitchen to learn about, sugars, fats,
and proteins. Investigate metals such as iron, copper, and aluminum. Learn
about how chemistry is used in environmental protection and industry. 

After completing CHEM C2000, you will have experienced firsthand the most important topics in chemistry, creating an excellent foundation for later study
of chemical equations and atomic structure. 

 Ages 11 and up.

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