Circuit Boards Starter Pack

Circuit Boards Starter Pack

$ 29.95

Circuit Boards are an approachable, fun way to start messing about with a complex phenomenon: electrical circuits. By mounting an assortment of familiar electrical components on blocks of wood, and making their connections visible and accessible, conceptual connections become easier to make as well. This Starter Pack gives you the necessary tools for building your own blocks. Components include alligator clips, a hobby motor, knife switches, battery holders, buzzers, a lamp base, lightbulbs, a potentiometer, and a nine-volt battery snap. Before you know it, the lightbulb will go on—literally! You quickly master building a simple circuit, and be well on your way to experimenting with variable resistance, parallel circuits, and many more exciting items.

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This is just a Starter Pack.

A nine-volt battery is enough to start experimenting with the included components, but you may find them a little tricky to use until the components are mounted. To build the components into circuit-board blocks you’ll also need:

  • Pieces of scrap wood (most components will fit on a 3” x 3” square).
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Small tapping screws and screwdriver
  • Soldering iron and accessories
  • Hook-up wire (stranded, ~18–22 gauge)



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