Keith Newstead's Scuba Cat Automata Wooden Kit

Keith Newstead's Scuba Cat Automata Wooden Kit

$ 22.00

Create your Curious Contraptions-inspired automata with an ARToy Moving Model Kit. These sculptures are made from precision-cut, high quality recyclable pinewood and can be assembled in an easy three-step process. No tools are required. Building a sculpture teaches mechanical DIY concepts in an entertaining, hands-on fashion that both children and adults can enjoy.

British artist Keith Newstead designed the ARToy Moving Kits, and the sculptures’ unique combination of whimsical art, craft, graphics, and movements clearly show Newstead’s fascination with the science and art of automata.

Learn about the mechanical principles of levers and gears as this 9”x 6”x 2” Scuba-Diving Cat, complete with flippers and goggles, chases an elusive fish.






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