Seeing is Believing Hands-On Activity Kit by RAFT and the Exploratorium

$ 19.95

The mystery of Benham's Disk.

Turn a CD into an excellent spinning platform. Spin the CD with the Benham’s Disk pattern on top and explore the interesting effect that happens. The spinning black and white pattern creates an illusion of seeing colors in the spinning disk. It also reveals an interesting aspect of how our eyes and brain perceive color.

Discover the rainbow of colors in white light.

White light is actually a combination of different colors. This easy-to-build spectroscope allows students to separate the incoming light into its component colors, forming a light spectrum (rainbow). Besides creating interesting color patterns it can be used to identify different sources of light.

Make a telescope like the one Galileo designed.

See how convex and concave lenses can be combined to magnify far-away

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