Speed of Time Clock 9"

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      A 24-hour clock that shows time relative to dis- stances the Earth travels each day, racing around the Sun at 67,000 miles an hour whilst spinning on Earth’s axis at 1,000 miles an hour. Each day we complete a rotation of just over 24,000 miles and over 1.6 million miles orbiting the Sun.

      The clock has 6 numerical rings (counting from the inner ring first). The sky changes color as the day advances. The white hand shows minutes, black and white hand seconds.

      RING 1 Miles traveled every 5 seconds as we spin on Earth’s axis.
      RING 3 HOURS (24 hour time)
      RING 4 Distance in thousands traveled at 1000mph on Earth’s axis.
      RING 5 Distance in hundreds traveled at 1000mph on Earth’s axis.
      RING 6 Distance traveled at 67000mph orbiting the Sun.

      Designed, signed, and numbered by the Artist Douglas Chalk.
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