Spice: The History of a Temptation by Jack Turner

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      In this brilliant, engrossing work, Jack Turner explores an era—from ancient times through the Renaissance—when what we now consider common condiments were valued in gold and blood.

      Spices made sour medieval wines palatable, camouflaged the smell of corpses, and served as wedding night aphrodisiacs. Indispensable for cooking, medicine, worship, and the arts of love, they were thought to have magical properties and were so valuable that they were often kept under lock and key. For some, spices represented Paradise, for others, the road to perdition, but they were potent symbols of wealth and power, and the wish to possess them drove explorers to circumnavigate the globe—and even to savagery.

      Spice is a beguiling narrative about the surprisingly vast influence spices have had on human desire.

      Paperback, 384.

       "Spice" is a paperback book with a golden cover; several different spice plants have their fruit or leaves and elegant scrolls for design.

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