Black Men in Science By Bryan Patrick Avery

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      Throughout history, Black men have made essential contributions to scientific discovery. Edward Alexander Bouchet was the first black man to earn a Ph.D. from an American university. Charles Henry Turner was a pioneer in the study of animal behavior. This collection of biographies for kids explores 15 talented men and how they used their brains, bravery, and ambition to follow their passions for science, technology, and engineering. Whether studying the human brain or going to outer space, these intelligent and fearless men impacted their fields. They built a brighter future for themselves and generations to come.

      Meet talented Black men in history who have helped:

      • Explore our world—Discover inventors like Lewis Howard Latimer and biologists like George Washington Carver and discover how they expanded our understanding of the world around us.
      • Advanced medicine—Learn the stories of doctors like James McCune Smith and Leonidas Berry, who helped stop the spread of disease and change how we perform surgery.
      • Change the game—Find out how people like geneticist Rick Kittles and engineer Roy L. Clay Sr. are still doing significant research and breaking barriers.

      Recommended for ages 8+
      Softcover: 112 pages

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