Watching Weather: Discover the Unexpected Science and Lore of Sun, Storms and Seasons by Mary Miller, Tom Murphree and the Exploratorium

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      Did you ever wonder?

      * How do croaking frogs and sticking doors predict a storm?
      * What clouds can tell you about coming changes in the weather?
      * Why it's hotter on a city's downtown streets than in the surrounding countryside?
      * Where can you find an excellent spot to picnic on a sweltering summer day?
      * Why do conditions in the eastern tropical Pacific affect the weather thousands of miles away during El Nino events?

      Watching Weather explains the fundamental scientific principles that underlie the vagaries of the weather. By combining knowledge of these principles, rules of thumb provided by this book, and observations of the sky and clouds and wind, you can begin to predict your local weather.

      Paperback, 114 pages.

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