The Art of Curiosity by the Exploratorium

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      Fifty of the world’s most creative people share their stories, their inspirations, and their unique takes on science and education, all inspired by the Exploratorium science museum.

      What do music visionary Brian Eno, kinetic sculptor Theo Jansen, science writer Mary Roach, Mythbuster Adam Savage, and Pulitzer-winning journalist Thomas Friedman have in common? They are all game-changers: scientists, artists, entertainers, and activists who revolutionized their fields with bold new perspectives and approaches—and they all had transformative, course-setting experiences at the Exploratorium. 

      Join them and 45 more brilliant thinkers and doers in a wonderfully playful, insightful, and sometimes incredibly moving journey to see how you, too, can harness your powers of observation, inquiry, and engagement to be the change you want to see in the world—regardless of who you are or what you do.

      Interviewees and Subjects Include:

      Oscar-Winning Sound Designer Walter Murch on observation
      Laurie Anderson on art as a way of knowing
      Memory Expert Elizabeth Loftus on how we learn
      Oliver Sacks on perception
      Mary Roach on how she learned to ask the right questions
      Adam Savage on the fun of finding things out
      Mickey Hart on the art of playing to learn, and learning to play
      California Governor Gavin Newsom on the importance of science
      Community activist Randy Carter on finding joy in the worst of places
       . . . and dozens more interviews, insights, and activities suggested by artists, scientists, poets, and politicians, in a book that’s guaranteed to make you a more creative person. And maybe just change the world.

      Hardcover, 200 pages.

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