Let's Make a Rainbow: Seeing the Science of Light with Optical Physics by Chris Ferrie.

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      Rainbows are beautiful! As Red Kangaroo admires one arching across the sky, she wonders where rainbows come from—luckily, Dr. Chris has the answer! With just two ingredients and three simple steps, Red Kangaroo learns all about the science behind these wonderful, colorful sights!

      Chris Ferrie offers a kid-friendly introduction to light refraction and optical physics in this installment of his new Everyday Science Academy series. Written by an expert with real-world and practical examples, young readers will have a firm grasp of scientific and mathematical concepts to help answer many of their "why" questions.

      Let's Make a Rainbow is recommended for ages 4-8.

      Hardcover, 40 pages.

      A red cartoon kangaroo is standing in a field; a large rainbow is streaming across the sky in the distance.

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