Giant Microbe Sperm Cell

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      A microbe, or microscopic organism,  is a living thing that is too small to be seen with the naked eye. We need to use a  microscope to see them. Until now, that is. This cute little plush microbe expanded 1,000,000 times its normal size will remind one of an invisible world that exists on, in, and among us every day.

      Sperm cells are male reproductive cells. They have a head, which is the cell's body, and a tail, which is the flagellum that propels the cell. Because they need to be efficient, they contain lots of mitochondria for energy and a nucleus to deliver DNA. Once a sperm reaches the egg, the female reproductive cell, it makes a totipotent zygote, dividing and eventually making up all of the cells in the body.

      Size: 5"- 6"

      A white plush giant sperm cell with two blue eyes on either side of the head and a blue bow.

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