KAI: The Artificial Intelligence Robot

$ 100.00

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      Explore the future of advanced computing technology with KAI! Build and program an intelligent, six-legged, app-enabled robot that uses machine learning to react to the gestures and sounds that you make. Using the app and your smart device’s camera and microphone, record physical gestures and sounds. The AI will learn to recognize each gesture or sound, even if they differ in small details. The more data you collect, the better the AI will learn from it. 

      - Build your own six-legged robot from more than 100 pieces
      - Collect data via your smart device's camera and microphone
      - Train your AI model to more accurately recognize patterns in the data
      - Control your robot remotely using gestures and sounds
      - Remote-control mode allows you to manually control your robot
      - Display emotions and messages on the robot’s LED face display
      - Includes a lesson in creating your own AI using household items (paper and cups)

      Ages: 10+ with help | 12+ I got this

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