Packing for Mars for Kids by Mary Roach

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      What is it like to float weightlessly in the air? What happens if you vomit in your helmet during a spacewalk? How do astronauts go to the bathroom? Is it true that they don’t shower? Can farts be deadly in space?

      Best-selling Mary Roach has the answers. In this whip-smart, funny, and informative young-readers adaptation of her best-selling Packing for Mars, Roach guides us through the irresistibly strange, frequently gross, and awe-inspiring realm of space travel and life without gravity. From flying on NASA’s Weightless Wonder to eating space food, Packing for Mars for Kids is chock-full of first-hand experiences and thorough research. Roach has crafted an authoritative and accessible book perfectly pitched to inquiring middle-grade readers.

      Ages: 9-12
      Hardcover: 144 pages.

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