California Poppy Pin

$ 13.99

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      Dive into the radiant glow of the California Poppy, now forever captured in a stunning enamel pin. As California's state flower, this beauty is a wild wonder that grows freely, adding bursts of color to landscapes. The California Poppy is a symbol of dreaminess, resilience, and the pursuit of passions, making it a treasure to wear or gift.


      - Size & Finish: 1.75" tall, gold-plated base.
      - Vibrant Colors: Layers of UV screen printing with yellow, orange, and green shades.
      - High-Quality Craftsmanship for longevity and enduring brilliance.
      - Comes with two pin posts, ensuring stability and security on your attire.

      About the artist:

      As a woman, minority, immigrant, mom, and creative, Founder Rubeena wanted to build a life she loved while providing a tangible way for people like her to feel comfortable with expressing themselves, and The Gray Muse was born.

      Created from the corner of her craft space one week before her first daughter turned one, Gray Muse Founder Rubeena, a South-Asian-born, New-Jersey-raised perpetual creator opened her online enamel pin shop with the intention of inspiring others. 

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