Make: Getting Started with Soldering by Marc de Vinck

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      "I too had been intimidated by the idea of soldering, until the fairy string lights in my apartment stopped working properly. Upon inspection, it was clear the culprit was a fray in the copper wiring, which along with my newfound passion for sustainability led me down the rabbit hole of the marvelous world of soldering and tiny electronics. Right off the bat, ‘Make: Getting Started with Soldering’ reassured me that this skill was definitely within my reach. I’ve had such a blast learning how to fix things which had never even occurred to me before. The feeling of accomplishment evoked by this success alone is worth every penny!" - Ivan

      Whether you're just getting started with your first electronics project or ready to prototype your brilliant invention, knowing how to solder will open up new possibilities. This book will guide you through good soldering techniques—advice on picking a soldering iron, how to fix mistakes, and bad connections.

      Also included is a DIY project that shows you how to build your mini fume extractor.

      Paperback: 111 pages.

      Ages 10+

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