Scribbling Machine Starter Pack

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      A Scribbling Machine is a delightfully silly device that uses eccentric motion—that’s just a fancy word for a motor that wobbles as it spins. Add some markers to trace its motion, and not only can the outcome be hilarious, but you also end up with some cool art to boot!

      This Starter Pack contains the essential elements of a Scribbling Machine, including a three-volt motor, washable markers, an AA battery, a glue-stick insert (to offset your motor), and colorful cardstock; all that’s left for you to do is find some common objects and recyclables from around the house. Get ready to marvel at the rich, random patterns you can create!

      We provided the basic building components and supplies that are not easily accessible, but you’ll still need to find some materials to complete this project. You might want to start with a base for building your Scribbling Machines, such as a strawberry basket, yogurt cup, or even a simple plastic lid. Everyday objects such as clothespins, pipe cleaners, and popsicle sticks can help expand your explorations. A small screwdriver or nail is another helpful tool to have on hand for poking holes in your glue stick. If you purchased the Toy Take-Apart Starter Pack, you could use the screwdriver that came with it!

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