Light-Up Kendama

$ 15.95

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      "Stuck inside?  Need a break from working at home? Need a break from home-school? Then what you need is the KENDAMA. This 100-year old fusion of a stick, ball, and cup is the skill game that keeps on giving; it takes only minutes to learn but a lifetime to master. Its compact shape makes it perfect for taking on the go, and its light-up design means you can play any time, any place." - Carlos.

      Both the base and the kendama are fitted with bright lights for gorgeous play. Every Kendama is molded from high-impact plastic designed to withstand plenty of use. After molding, each kendama's cup is surrounded by a soft silicone ring that offers easy, cushioned landings for the ball, perfect for the beginner. Also, fit for a pro, the silicone rings can be easily removed as skill progresses.

      Kendama's are picked at random. If you prefer a certain color, please leave a note, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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