Exploratorium Chain Reaction Playing Cards

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      The Tinkering Studio, in partnership with Iris Gottlieb, has turned the chain reaction activity into a beautifully illustrated deck of cards to inspire new ways of thinking about the art of chain reactions.

      A chain reaction is a sequence of events, each triggering the next, a continuous series of
      cause and effect. With these cards, you can create a chain reaction to tell an imaginative story or plan a machine that performs a simple task in an overly complicated, whimsical way; for example, a “Machine to pet your dog when you’re not home.” Think of these cards as a starting point to launch your creativity. Whether you use them for story-telling or plan real-world reactions, make sure you end with a spectacular grand finale!

      Shuffle the deck thoroughly and start by picking two to three random cards. Imagine a brief story that connects these elements. What tale do these elements want to tell? What is happening? Why?

      Great for all ages. 52 card deck.

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