Freeze-Dried Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich

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      Have you ever wondered how an ice cream sandwich is freeze-dried?

      Freeze-drying (or lyophilization) removes water from the ice cream by lowering the air pressure to a point where ice sublimates from a solid to a gas. The ice cream is placed in a vacuum chamber and frozen until the water crystallizes. The air pressure is lowered, creating a partial vacuum, forcing air out of the chamber; next, heat is applied, sublimating the ice; finally, a freezing coil traps the vaporized water. This process continues for hours, resulting in a freeze-dried ice cream slice.

      Enjoy this ice cream anytime without worrying about it melting. Perfect for camping, lunchtime snack, or backyard space missions.

      Vanilla ice cream sandwiches made with 100% real ice cream and made in the USA.

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